• 2016 – Present day
Petsiavas SA successfully engages in three main sectors: Pharmaceuticals and Health Products, Consumer Products, Chemicals & Plastics. The company’s management is now in the hands of Dimitris Petsiavas’ daughters Christina and Margarita, the family’s third generation, with Mr Simos Anastasopoulos holding the position of President and CEO.

• 2014
Awarded as one of the most powerful and financially sound companies in the Greek market.

• 2011
Its presence is established in Cyprus with the foundation of Petsiavas Cyprus Ltd.

• 1995
Its headquarters are transferred from Syntagma to its Kato Kifissia facilities. It creates an office and warehouse in Thessaloniki aimed at meeting the needs of the entire Greek market.

• 1984
POLYKEM SA is founded in collaboration with the American company DOW CHEMICALS. The company’s line of business includes the distribution of DOW’s thermal insulation materials. Petsiavas SA holds a 50% stake in the business.

• 1977
The construction and commissioning of the newly-built pharmaceuticals production plant in Kato Kifissia.

• 1960-1970
In the 1960-1970s, the company plays an active role in the country’s industrial growth undertaking projects such as:
>Machinery for the expansion of the television network’s installations (1968)
>BREDA steam engines for the Greece’s rail road network
>Installation of telecommunications between Middle East-Greece-Europe

• 1960
Dimitris Petsiavas creates a new company giving it its present form. Offices are constructed at the corner of Nikodimou & Voulis Streets, Syntagma.

• 1958
Nikoloas Petsiavas’ son Dimitris returns to the company having completed his studies as a Chemical Engineer at Columbia University in the city of New York. He brings valuable experience with him having worked for 10 years as a researcher in one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. His experience gives the company a new boost, which largely engages in the pharmaceuticals and medical hospital materials sectors, and joins forces with leading companies such as: CIBA, ALLERGAN, DOW CORNING, MERCK.

• 1955
Petsiavas’ second major collaboration, which will also last for 50 years, is with the American company DOW CHEMICALS. Prompted by N. Petsiavas SA, DOW constructs a plant in Lavrio in 1960. This initiative will constitute the first comprehensive foreign industrial investment in Greece.

• 1946
A landmark collaboration is entered into between Petsiavas and the Swiss company SANDOZ in the chemicals and textile dye industry. This collaboration will span for 50 years.

• 1932
It changes legal form and is converted to a Societe Anonyme under the name N. Petsiavas SA. It moves to privately-owned office space at 46 Mitropoleos Street.

• 1920
Petsiavas is incorporated by Nikoloas Petsiavas with offices on the corner of Panepistimiou & Patision Streets, Omonia. The company is active in the insurance and trade field as a fabric representative. In the years that follow it expands its activities into the chemical and textile dye, plastic raw materials, and health industries.