The Chemical Products Department is the company’s oldest department engaging primarily in the Textile sector.

It has a workshop that accommodates customers prior to and after the sale of the products:

  • It analyses and resolves technical problems that arise during the preparation of the fabric that is to be dyed, during the dying process, or problems that arise after the dying process.
  • It offers solutions to improve the quality, production procedure and cost depending on the client’s requirements.
  • It proposes colour combinations in order to achieve the desired shade.
  • It provides technical support for the application of auxiliary materials and colours that are available at our plant or at our clients’ facilities.

Its range of products covers the entire production procedure: Preparation, Dyeing and Finishing and covers all of the textile’s wet processes in terms of colours and auxiliary chemicals.

A new field, Petroleum products, has been added to the Chemical Products Department to supply the market with colours and tracers for petroleum products.

It collaborates with selected foreign companies that meet contemporary requirements and carry all the relevant ISO and ECO TEX certificates for ecological products and environmental protection.

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