The Company


Petsiavas SA was founded in 1920 and is one of the strongest and most historical companies in the Greek market. Our goal is to serving people by providing high quality products and services.

Continuing on with the tradition and upgrading the company to modern-day commercial standards and requirements, nowadays the company’s management has been passed down to the Petsiavas family’s third generation and is run by Mr. Simos Anastasopoulos, President and CEO.

Since July 2020, he is President of Associations of S.A. & Entrepreneurship. He is the elected President of the Council on Competitiveness of Greece, since its foundation in 2018. He is also a member of the Board of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries and a member of the General Council of SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises. Since June 2019, he is President Emeritus of the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce after a tenure of 6 years as the elected President.

Maintaining the philosophy of hard work, innovation and effectiveness, we are successfully active in the economy’s three diverse sectors: Pharmaceuticals and Health Products, Industrial Products, Consumer Products.

  • The Pharmaceuticals Department manufactures and distributes drugs under the company name and on behalf of third parties,
  • The Health Products Department specialises in the sale and distribution of OTC products to pharmacies and wholesalers,
  • The Hospital Products Department specialises in medical products and supplies surgical and hospital materials,
  • The Chemistry Department specialises in dyes and additives for textiles and petroleum products,
  • The Plastics Department distributes raw materials for the plastics industry, and
  • The Consumer Products Department specialises in stocking-socks, underwear and swimwear.

petsiavas-ktirioThe company’s headquarters comprising of offices – plant – warehouses are located in a privately-owned building in Kato Kifissia, while it also has an office – warehouse building in Thessaloniki thus ensuring complete coverage of the Greek market.
Our company is also present in Cyprus via Petsiavas Cyprus Ltd.