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VACANZE ITALIANE, which translates into ‘Italian
holidays’, is an ode to the Italian lifestyle and the way
Italians live beach holidays: playfully and glamorously.
Created for women who want to stand out on the beach
as anywhere else, VACANZE ITALIANE will never bore
you. The brand’s signature lies in the careful combination
of vibrant Italian prints, precious embellishments and
fashion forward styles.


VACANZE ITALIANE also includes a Gold Label line,
which features seductive styles and sophisticated fabrics
for vixens who do not shy away from daring silhouettes.
VACANZE ITALIANE Vitamins proposes a line of essential
must-have styles offering women the possibility of
mixing up their VACANZE ITALIANE outfit.
Each suit is paired with matching beachwear and
accessories for a complete summer look.


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